Thursday, 28 August 2008

Mama - song lyric - Spice Girls

She used to be my enemy and never letting me be free
Catching me in places that I know I shouldn't be
Every other day I crossed the line, I didn't mean to be so bad
I never thought you would become a friend I never had

I didn't want to hear it then but I'm not ashamed to say it now
Every little thing you said and did was right for me
I had a lot of time to think about, about the way I used to be
Never had a sense of responsibility

Back then I didn't know why, why you were misunderstood
So now, I see through your eyes, all you did was love
Mama I love you, mama I care
Mama I love you, mama my friend

PS : I know U hardly ever know me or understand me, but I can accept that all mum...


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